A Letter From Our MD

Established in 1984, we celebrate our 36th successful year supplying our valued customers with high quality meats. Our success has and will continue to pivot on the absolute belief that customers are at the heart of our business and their satisfaction is the only option. Coupled with this undisputed company culture that maintained us for decades is the strong health and safety commitment in meat handling standards, and the quality control associated to it. We pride ourselves with filling customized ‘made-to-order’ customer purchase orders and delivering at virtually any time of the day. Compounding this competitive differentiator is the ability to fill these orders with fresh and frozen meat relying on the agility of our partnered suppliers and our forecasted warehouse inventory. This period in the company’s progression is additionally special as we build on strong foundations to embark on a strategic path called ’Take Possibility Further’ to continue our high service commitment to our valued customers:


Securing our foundations

Delivering on our promise to consistently put customers first remains our top priority. The focus will remain on our core competency to supply high quality meat that is delivered at any time our customers request it and in the manner they wish to receive it. New meat artists are being trained, additional delivery trucks are being budgeted, and a new inventory management process is being reviewed to secure and maintain this foundation.


Investing and Innovating

As of June 2017 main operations will be headquartered in our new warehousing facility that houses over 85m2 of frozen and chilled meat storage areas, 3 meat handling and packaging areas separated by meat type (lamb, beef or chicken), and an offices mezzanine floor to better meet and engage our customers, and suppliers. The new facility will also be equipped with an order and financial management system to better streamline the order-taking and delivery process.


Getting diversified and comprehensive

Providing clients with more product options and flexibility as we progress towards a one stop shop for all meat needs. In doing so, we’re exploring, selecting, and rolling out new products and services. One such example, is spicing and marinating meat which is an in-house specialty which we will more effectively offer this year.


I am proud of the efforts made by the Abu Ahmed Meat Trading (AAMT) employees to bring us to where we are today and look forward to further contributions as we build a sustainable future. We thank our customers for their business and remain at their disposal to not only meet but exceed their highest expectations.


Hani Khawaja

Managing Director