Who We Are

Founded in 1984, Abu Ahmed Meat Trading (L.L.C.) is one of the United Arab Emirates’ leading meat traders. For over three decades, we have been serving households, five-star hotels, resorts and restaurants and providing customers a taste of perfection. With a rigorous work ethic and constant diligence, we continue to achieve the highest standards of quality and an ethically-sound distribution process, specializing in the carving, trading and distribution of fresh, chilled and frozen beef, chicken and poultry meats.

As proud holders of HACCP and ASM certifications, we persevere in our search of excellence and value quality over cost. Regular mandatory sanitation checks at our warehouses as ongoing to ensure fast and accurate order delivery at virtually any time of the day and allow complete order customization. 

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At AAMT, our first and most treasured rule is that we never compromise on quality. Meats are imported from trusted suppliers and certified meat artists in only the cleanest and healthiest conditions. Additionally, as we have always been a strong advocate of clean eating, we constantly privilege meat quality over cost.


The hardworking team behind our group is bound by the same code of ethics, with search for excellence and customer satisfaction high on their list of priorities, qualities that have helped us acquire HACCP and ASM certifications.

Our factories and warehouses must always abide by a very strict health and sanitation code, with sanitation inspections performed on a regular basis. Additionally, our factory and warehouse employees are put through a very rigorous training process.

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At AAMT, our group of employees follow meticulous schedules and processes which allow us to function like a well-oiled machine. This enables the delivery of detailed, extended and at times complex orders on short notice throughout the day. Orders are prepared under strict hygienic codes and with great attention to detail to ensure quality, cleanliness and accurate delivery throughout the day.


AAMT collaborates and partners up with some of the most renowned meat artists in the United Arab Emirates. Once the meat delivered to our group’s warehouses, the products are packed, stored and carved following the clients’ orders. This enables our meat artists and carving masters to fill orders as they see fit, fulfilling the customers’ exact requests and requirements.

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